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NOVUS HM is a modern full-service law firm based in Lusaka, Zambia, with a special focus on corporate and commercial law practice. We provide outstanding, quality, and innovative legal services to our clients in accordance with internationally acclaimed practices. Our unique value (for which we have been consistently commended) is our ability to fully understand our client's requirements and objectives to ensure that they are met, using an innovative and competitive approach.


We aim to achieve this through continuous investment in legal research and technology, training personnel, and pushing the boundaries of the law and legal practice. We provide innovative and practical legal solutions to local and multinational corporations, financial institutions, high-net-worth individuals, and Non-Profit Organisations. Our modern and personalized approach also makes us best placed to serve small and medium enterprises (SMEs), Fintech companies as well as other disruptors in various fields. Our capability to understand our client's commercial legal needs ensures that we provide relevant and well-researched legal solutions to assist our clients to achieve their objectives.


To be a leading market player providing premier legal services across the globe.


To assist our clients to achieve their objectives by providing outstanding client service and innovative solutions through thorough legal research and by pushing the boundaries of the law and legal practice.

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